Apple To Unveil The Vision Pro headset on February 2

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Apple has officially announced the release date for its highly anticipated Vision Pro headset, slated to hit the U.S. market on February 2. Potential buyers in the United States had the option to pre-order the mixed-reality device from mid-January for $3,499 (£2,749).

Marking Apple’s first major product launch since the introduction of the Apple Watch in 2015, the Vision Pro headset was unveiled in June 2023 after years of speculation and development.

Despite the initial excitement surrounding the headset, recent reports suggest production challenges for Apple. The Financial Times notes a significant reduction in production forecasts, with estimates dropping from one million units to 400,000 for the year 2024.

Apple also shared additional details about the device, revealing that it will boast 256GB of storage. The company clarified that the headset’s eye-tracking technology is designed to function by monitoring a single dominant eye, catering to individuals with limited use of both eyes.

What sets Apple’s offering apart is its push to differentiate the Vision Pro headset from other devices in the market. In a blog post, Apple urged developers to avoid describing their apps as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), extended reality (XR), or mixed reality (MR). Instead, they are encouraged to brand their apps under the umbrella term “spatial computing.”

The success of the Vision Pro headset could potentially open up a new, lucrative revenue stream for Apple. However, with its hefty price tag of $3,499, it is likely to remain a luxury item only for those who can afford it, which now raises concerns about accessibility for a broader audience who would have loved to give it a try.

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