Twitter is Officially Now! (Sort Of) now has a message on their login page letting you know about the URL change but at the same time assures users that their privacy settings are not affected.

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Remember Twitter? Well, it’s officially called now, at least according to the website itself. If you try to go to, you might get sent to instead. It seems things aren’t quite smooth yet, and what you see might depend on the internet browser you use or if you’re already logged in.

This whole name and website switch has been a bit bumpy. Even though the X app and its fancy paid features (X Premium, which used to be called Twitter Blue) have been using the X name for a while, the website address stuck with

Things started to change last year when some people noticed they could copy links from the share sheet inside X’s iOS app. Security experts are worried that this slow change might make it easier for scammers to trick people.

It might take some time for everything to work smoothly. Don’t worry, your account and all settings are still safe! X wants to let you know they’re changing their web address, but your privacy and other setups remain the same.

This isn’t the first time Elon Musk, the owner of X, has used Back then in 1999, he started a company with that name that later became part of PayPal. His big dream for X is to make it an all-in-one app, kind of like WeChat (popular in China), where you can do almost anything.

So, what happens to the “” domain name itself? Here are a few possibilities:

  • Elon Might Hold Onto It: Since X now owns the trademark and copyright for “Twitter,” it’s likely they’ll keep the domain to prevent confusion and redirect users to
  • The Domain Could Be Parked: X might choose to park the domain, essentially holding onto it without using it actively. This would prevent others from buying it and potentially causing brand confusion.
  • A Future Sale?: It’s a less likely scenario, but there’s a chance X could sell the domain in the future. However, given the brand recognition of “Twitter,” the price tag would likely be hefty. Elon may even decide the old domain isn’t worth the hassle and let it expire. This is less likely, but this is Elon we’re talking about, anything is possible!

So, Twitter is no more, at least not in name and website address. It’s X now, and it’s trying to be a whole new thing! One thing’s for sure, X is now a whole new different platform than it used to be.

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