LinkedIn’s AI Revolution: What’s New and Exciting?

These enhancements span across job search capabilities, personalized learning tools, and optimized search functionalities ensuring that LinkedIn remains a valuable tool for professionals worldwide.

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Artificial intelligence has become the cornerstone of innovation in today’s digital age, and LinkedIn is diving headfirst into the trend and embracing this evolution wholeheartedly.

On Thursday, the company unveiled a bunch of new AI-powered features aimed at enhancing user experience and driving engagement on the platform.

LinkedIn isn’t new to AI. They’ve been integrating it into their platform since 2007. The big shift now is the broader application of AI to assist with everyday tasks, mirroring trends across the tech industry.

From job hunting to learning and search functionalities, the company is constantly weaving AI into almost every aspect of its services.

According to Tomer Cohen, Chief Product Officer at LinkedIn, AI has long been a key part of their strategy, especially in areas like connection suggestions and maintaining platform security.

What’s New?

Here’s a look at some of the standout features LinkedIn is rolling out:

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Job Searches and Applications

Job hunting just got easier with LinkedIn’s new conversational job search tool. This feature allows you to search for jobs using natural language prompts.

Although the availability of jobs still depends on market conditions, this tool simplifies the process significantly.

Once you find a job, AI can help craft your cover letter and review your résumé, giving you a polished application with minimal effort.

Personalized Learning

LinkedIn is pushing its video-based learning platform harder than ever. AI is now personalizing the learning experience, especially for AI-related courses, which have seen a massive 160% increase in traffic over the past year.

For Premium subscribers, LinkedIn is testing AI-powered “expert advice” from top instructors. This advice serves as a personalized coach that you can consult while taking a LinkedIn Learning course.

Enhanced Search Capabilities

LinkedIn’s search functionality has long been due for an upgrade. The new AI-driven search promises to be more intuitive and conversational, making it easier to find what you need without sifting through endless keywords and filters.

More Innovations on the Horizon

Beyond these major updates, LinkedIn is also rolling out Recruiter 2024, adding new tools for marketers, and enhancing premium company pages for small businesses.

These changes are part of LinkedIn’s broader strategy to leverage AI to improve user experience and maintain its competitive edge.

Unlike some other social platforms grappling with how to integrate AI, LinkedIn benefits from being part of Microsoft, which holds a significant stake in OpenAI.

This relationship alleviates some pressure on LinkedIn to innovate independently, allowing it to focus on seamlessly integrating AI into its platform. LinkedIn is once again positioning itself as a leader in using AI to improve professional networking and job searching.

So, if you’re a LinkedIn user, get ready to see more AI-driven features popping up to make your job hunting and learning experiences smoother and more personalized.

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